Rackspace SSL Manager

Did you know your load balancer can support up to 20 certificates?
Efficiently manage it from our web app!


Don’t spin up a new load balancer for every SSL certificate you want to use when a single one can support up to 20


Our platform makes it easy to manage your SSL certificates without having to spend ages with their awkward API

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Easy Certificate Management

You can only add 1 SSL certificate to a load balancer using Rackspace’s control panel. If you want to add any more, you have to use their time consuming difficult API. Instead, you can use our simple web-based software to quickly add up to 20 certificates per load balancer with just a few clicks.

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Costs just £10 per month after your 10 day free trial
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Client Testimonials

We didn’t even know Rackspace load balancers supported more than one certificate! SSL Manager now saves us 100’s of pounds each month.

J O’Brien


This saves us loads of time each month
instead of manually using Rackspace’s API


Website Deisgn Company

We use Lets Encrypt for our SSL certificates on a white-label SaaS project. This application saves us hours of time every month!

A. Langley

Phantom Ltd

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